Features & Pricing

Pricing as it should be: very simple. You pay a fixed fee per project and year and receive a discount depending on the number of projects booked.

  • 180 euros (plus VAT) per project and year.
  • 200 submissions are possible per project and day
  • From 5 projects, you receive a discount of 5 % on each project
  • From 10 projects, you get a discount of 10 % on each project

What features does getIndexed offer?

getIndexed is a one-trick pony. But that’s exactly what makes the tool super easy to use. Simply create a project, link getIndexed, Indexing API via Google service account and Google Search Console and the tool is ready to use.


With getIndexed you can select up to 200 addresses per so-called Google service account and day.

  • Index them for the first time
  • Delete them from Google’s index
  • or inform Google about updates

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