General information

getIndexed uses the free Google Indexing API to index new or updated pages almost instantly. To use getIndexed, you need to set up a so-called “service account” in the Google cloud console and activate the free Indexing API. The credentials of your service account need to be added to getIndexed, and the service account needs to be added as a website owner to your Google Search Console.

A project is basically the connection to on Google Search Console property. If you want to use getIndexed for more than one website, you would need to order multiple projects.

Yes and no. The limit of 200 URLs per day is connected to the Google service account. By creating multiple service accounts and projects within getIndexed, you can increase the limit by 200 submissions each.

As an alternative, you can use this Google form to request and increase of your quota directly from Google.

The URL Inspection within Google Search Console allows one submission at a time and enforces a recrawl of a page. A recrawl can result in a re-indexation, but this fails quite often.

In addition to that, Google Search Console allows a maximum of ~10 submissions per day, while the Google Indexing API which getIndexed utilizes offers up to 200 submissions per day.

As a rule, the page is visited and indexed by Google within a few seconds after submission or, if you have selected “delete”, de-indexed. However, give Google some time until the page is available in all data centers. Expect your submission to be reflected within a 1–2 hours.

Yes, Google offers the Indexing API for free.

We’ll send you a detailed guide to set up getIndexed in less than 5 minutes.

Yes, getIndexed runs centrally on our web server. With your access data, you can create and edit projects.

A configuration mask is available in your private login. You can use this to add, change or delete projects.

You choose how many projects you need.

No, we do not get access to your Google Search Console at all. You own the Google Service account and limit its access to the Google Indexing API – so we can’t use any other API or use the credentials to login into the Google Search Console web interface.


Yes, we will send you an invoice.

Yes, just get in touch via contact@getindexed.io.

Yes, with your purchase, you can use getIndexed for 12 months. The contract ends automatically afterwards.

If you want to continue using getIndexed, please reply to the automatic email we send you one month before the contract ends. If you do not wish to continue using getIndexed, your data will be deleted after the end of the contract.